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Evgeny Romanchenko, multidisciplinary designer with entrepreneurial ambitions. Know a lot about modern mobile and web technologies, but most importantly, know those who know more than me.


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Multidisciplinary designer

Graphic/UI/UX designer
Kaspersky Lab

Web designer & web developer

Lead web/UI/UX designer
SoGe Interactive LLC

Web designer & web developer


British Higher School of Art & Design
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

British Higher School of Art & Design
Foundation Art & Design course

Bryansk State Technical University
CAD/CAM/CAE systems

Targeleon Branding & UI/UX for advertising network
Targeleon is the next generation advertising network. The name of the company is a combination of two words: "target" and "chameleon". This combination clearly represents the unique approach of the company — to provide modern and wide customizable ads delivered only to the target audience. The sign is a literal representation of the company name — there is a target and a tail of chameleon mixed together. The first version of brand and UI/UX for company's website was implemented in 2013. Two years after launch, the company has noticeably entrenched their positions in the advertising market and shifted the work focus. Hence, the company was rebranded, with a fully updated website and UI/UX of the administrative panel.
Friday Cat is a new hero. Friday Cat is a new comedian. Friday Cat is a new star. Well, he will become soon. For now he is the main and only actor on the Every Friday at 12:00 UTC+0 (7:00 New York time) a new episode of Friday Cat is published. It can be devoted to important (or not so important) events in the world or be there just without a reason. Made in cooperation with Daria Rein (illustration, animation) and Pavel Titov (programming).
The premiere of the film “Mad Max: Fury Road”
Metalcat. The most successful episode
All episodes are available on the official website. Besides, everyone is encouraged to make a meme with a favorite cat or get a perfect T-shirt, cup, buttons and other cool merchandise.
Besides the main website, Friday Cat has shops, profiles on social networks and entertainment websites, promotional website and trailer.
Official website
International, Russian
Official shops
International, Russian
Social profiles in English
Facebook, Twitter
Social profiles in Russian
Facebook, VK, Twitter
Entertainment websites in English
Imgur, 9gag
Entertainment websites in Russian
Promotional website
Kaspersky Phound! is an Android mobile app by Kaspersky Lab which can track missing mobile device and allows users to remotely lock it and sound the alarm. UI is based on Material Design principles. The cute character was designed and animated for setting on emotional connection between the user and the app. Phound! is available on Google Play.
Muztorg Rebranding concept for music retail chain
Muztorg is the largest music retail chain in Russia and Ukraine. The rebranding concept is based on visualization of the sound, and its two key elements is the sign and colors. Bright, opposite colors create a sense of vibration. At same time, sound is vibration and so is music, in a particular case. The sign, despite its apparent simplicity, contains many metaphors: guitarist’s fingers (selling guitars makes up most of the company's revenue), sound waves and rotated letter “m”. In addition to the visual identity, the sound identity has been proposed. A short, positive melody, consisting of a pair of chords taken on an acoustic guitar, completes the image of the open and creative company Muztorg.
Conductor Experimental musical instrument
From the technical point of view, conductor is an Arduino based MIDI controller. It is very simple to use. The performer puts on gloves, connects the device to a computer and runs special software. Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the gloves control the output. The distance from the left hand to the surface equals to the note value; whereas from the right hand to the surface — to the velocity. According to technical specifications of the MIDI interface, the range for the note and velocity is from 0 to 127 units. The same range (0-127 centimeters) is used by conductor for each sensor. Such a small increment, corresponded to note — just 1 centimeter — doesn’t allow to perform any melody accurately. But it allows to go beyond common performance and play something… experimental.
The concept of the world's first social rhythm web-based video game. Gameplay is simple: a player catches beats according to the music. Catching beats accurately to the rhythm will gain more points and bonuses. The rich social ecosystem is built around this simple gameplay: game campaigns, friends, enemies and crazy achievements. In addition to gaming and social components, a promotion platform for bands is built in, including music sales and concert tickets. Made in cooperation with Pavel Titov (programming). Try the demo.
Yotty is a new approach in mobile interfaces. Creation of the emotional connection between the user and their device is the leitmotif of the whole project. Everything is based on context dependent notifications linked to a cute character. Yotty was designed for the contest by Yota for Yotaphone 2 — mobile phone with two screens: the usual LED display and E Ink display. In Yotty concept, the E Ink display keeps showing different cute notifications and engages the user in the interaction with their device in the most sophisticated way.

Routine email notifications could be more fun.

Yotty could use geolocation to inform user about something interesting.

Yotty cares about user's health.

Yotty sometimes cares about user's health too much.

Yotty gets upset when something goes wrong.

Nice thing about E Ink displays: it saves the most recent image even out of charge. User will see such a sad notification until they will charge their device.

When user wants to change the current notification — they could shake the device. But Yotty doesn't like it much.

Yotty enjoys tickling in case of changing notifications!

Simple website for relaxing. Made in cooperation with Pavel Titov (programming).